Saturday Course: Introduction to Web Development with PHP

Saturday Course: Introduction to Web Development using PHP

PHP is one of the most commonly used languages for developing dynamic web content. It is a simple and powerful scripting language. Many large scale web application have been written using PHP and it is one of the must know languages for any web developer.

PHP focuses on rapid development and quick integration of dynamic content with HTML documents. PHP allows different programming paradigms such as object oriented programming, imperative programming, or procedural programming. Its dynamic typing allows maximum flexibility.

This course is intended for beginners with little or no prior knowledge of programming. It will provide an introduction to HTML and PHP and will enable you to write your own dynamic websites. After a short introduction to HTML, the main PHP language features will be explained. The course will also touch on security aspects.

Saturday 30 Nov 2013

10am to 6pm

Ilford, London

Price: £195


  • Introduction to HTML
  • A first PHP web page
  • Mixing HTML with PHP
  • Simple data types
  • The echo statement
  • Automatic type casting
  • Arrays and key value pairs
  • Loops and control structures
  • Functions
  • Working with multiple files
  • HTML forms
  • Post and Get
  • Accessing the form data
  • Ensuring valid user input
  • Security issues


No prior programming knowledge is required.


If you wish to enrol, please contact us now.